Emily VanCamp
"Captain America: Civil War" actress Emily VanCamp, pictured here at 2013 San Diego Comic Con on July 30, 2013, recently confirmed that she doesn't have a romantic storyline with Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) in the new movie. Getty

Captain America will have a lot on his plate when “Civil War” hits theaters in May of 2016. However, the one thing he won’t have to juggle in the upcoming movie is a budding romance, according to actress Emily VanCamp.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the actress who plays Sharon Carter confessed that her and Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) don’t get to explore any kind of romance that their comic book counterparts experience. As fans will remember, VanCamp’s characters was introduced in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and she had a bit of a flirtatious relationship with the hero before he learned she was spying on him for S.H.I.E.L.D. Being directly related to the other love interest in Cap’s life, Peggy Carter of ABC’s “Agent Carter,” many fans were expecting her inclusion in the third movie to establish the two characters falling for each other.

“Within the comic books Cap and her had a love affair. We get to explore it, I can’t say we go to that extent of it, but they’ll definitely get to know each other,” she said “They’ll get to know who each other are.”

She went on to acknowledge that, while some comic book fans have other characters they’d like to see the Star-Spangled hero shack up with, she hopes that fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will enjoy watching her relationship with him develop. However, as ScreenRant notes, Black Widow actress, Scarlett Johansson, previously commented on the prospect of there being any kind of romance in the film, to which she bluntly explained that there’s no room given the already star-studded cast of superheroes and the high-concept stakes of their inevitable battle.

While it sounds unlikely that Captain America and Sharon Carter will have their first big kiss moment or some other kind of romantic milestone in “Civil War,” they’ll certainly have a lot to bond over, especially if some theories based on leaked set images end up being true.

[Potential Spoiler Alert: If you consider theories spoilers, stop reading]

As previously reported, leaked images from the Atlanta, Georgia, set of “Captain America: Civil War” showed both VanCamp and Evans dressed for a funeral scene. Many believe that the funeral is for Peggy, who was last seen as a frail and sickly elderly woman in “Winter Soldier.” If that’s true, they’ll both have to navigate the cavalcade of emotions that come from the loss of a loved one.