Chloë Grace Moretz
Chloë Grace Moretz, photographed during the premiere of “Neighbors 2” in Los Angeles, on May 17, 2016, took aim at Khloé Kardashian on Twitter after the reality star posted fake photos of her. Reuters

Chloe Grace Moretz has not addressed speculations about her relationship with Brooklyn Beckham, but the “Carrie” actress did share her thoughts about her feud with Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian.

Moretz told The Hollywood Reporter that, looking back, she should not have engaged in an online fight with the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” stars. The actress said that she gave her attention to “people that didn’t deserve [it].” Moretz, however, maintained that she will always stand by what she said at the time.

The actress also said that she has learned to choose when and how to react.

The fued started when Moretz chimed in on the feud between Kim and Taylor Swift. Kim posted a Snapchat video of her husband, rapper Kanye West, seeking approval from Swift for the song “Famous.” Prior to the release of the song, Swift claimed that she and West never agreed about the things that the rapper said about her in the lyrics. Moretz tweeted that people should focus on more pressing matters instead of Kim's revelation.

Kim did not answer Moretz, but Khloe did. Rushing to her sister’s defense, Khloe posted two photos of Moretz, one of which showed the actress's butt. Moretz quickly corrected Khloe, saying it wasn’t her in the revealing photo.

It was not the first time Moretz spoke about Kim and her actions. Moretz negated Kim’s claim that her nude selfies are meant to empower other women. Explaining her side to Glamour magazine, the actress said that she didn't think Kim meant to promote self-confidence and that, to her, it was “voyeuristic.” She added that it wasn’t something that young people should have seen. Kim responded to Moretz, attacking her level of fame. Moretz said she would have appreciated a more “educated” response from Kim instead of one that was “aggressive” and “incorrect.”