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Do you prefer working outside of the house or the office? Since laptops are made to be carried around anyway, why not spend the day working at your favorite cafe, booking a staycation at your local hotel, or even buying plane tickets to your dream destination?

After the lockdown that came with the pandemic, it's a good idea to appreciate what's out there. The best part is that you can simply take your work with you. The Bitbag team has rounded up some must-have laptop accessories from Caseable to ensure that your laptop always stays safe, wherever you go.

Laptop Skin

For only $22.90, you can get basic protection for your laptop. This Caseable Laptop Skin is tailored to fit laptops of different sizes. It is also easy to remove if necessary and you can shop for trendy designs that are readily available or customize them to suit your style or personality.

Economy Laptop Sleeve

Caseable's Economy Laptop Sleeve provides strong protection for your laptop for only $39.90. It is a durable, lightweight, and 3-millimeter strong neoprene sleeve that is specially designed to protect your device. It has a hand-printed finish on both the front and back surfaces and is the perfect size to keep your laptop cozy and covered. Just like the Laptop Skin, you can also shop for trendy designs that are readily available or personalize them to suit your style or personality.

Premium Laptop Sleeve

For the ultimate protection, you might want to opt for Caseable's Premium Laptop Sleeve. This customizable durable sleeve is made from 5-millimeter strong protective neoprene with a removable inside pocket, unlike the Economy Laptop Sleeve. Although both of them have high-quality prints on all sides with everlasting colors, the Premium Laptop Sleeve is carefully contoured to keep your laptop snug with its soft interior lining. Upgrade your device's protection with this sleeve for only $54.90.

Laptop Backpack

If you love backpacks, Caseable's Laptop Backpack is the affordable option for you. You can get the ultimate protection for your devices for only $29.90! It has a padded inner compartment for laptops, tablets, or eReaders, which makes it ideal for work or school. It also has free space in front, which you can customize ith your own pictures or any caseable design of your choice. You can even carry your water bottles in it through its side pockets, or other travel items through the discrete zipped pocket on the back of the bag.

Backpack With Laptop Compartment

Planning to travel with multiple devices or accessories? The customizable Caseable Backpack With Laptop Compartment is perfect for your needs. It provides ultimate protection for only $29.90. The backpack has a separate laptop compartment at the back and waterproof zippers for optimal protection. You can get lots of storage space with it, thanks to the side pockets and generous compartments.

Caseable's Premium Laptop Sleeves are created to help protect your laptop on the go while also being a fashion-forward accessory. All of them are customizable so you can add your personal style to them. They allow you to create your own design with their specialized tool to perfectly suit your style. Just upload your favorite photographs or personal artwork, add filters and text, or create a collage instantly.

Conversely, Caseable has teamed up with artists from around the world to bring you an extensive Artist Collection for you to choose from. Whether you are into minimalism, pop art, bold colors, abstract, or even fantasy-themed designs; they have something for everyone. Your chosen design will then be printed in high quality on all sides with colors that will remain true.

They give the additional option to add a practical handle that is available in various colors, and an adjustable strap for your laptop sleeve. These accessories will be made just for you and your laptop's protection, even down to the zipper. You don't have to worry about your laptop's safety or your personal style when you travel with these Caseable laptop accessories. So, where do you plan on working next?