Casey Anthony
People say Casey Anthony is sexy, but she's just a cold-blooded killer who got away with murder. There's nothing sexy about that. Personal Photos

So many people think Casey Anthony is sexy. That's what they say, look how sexy Casey Anthony is.

But I don't think so. She's a cold-blooded killer who got away with murder, serving just three years in jail while awaiting trial. What's more, she killed her daughter.

There's nothing sexy about that.

She wanted to be sexy, sure. That's why just days after the date when her lawyer claims Casey Anthony's daughter Caylee drowned the then-22-year-old mother entered a Hot Body contest.

She was full of life as a party girl, having a good time, getting a tattoo that reads Bella Vita and showing up in numerous revealing party pics so many people now call sexy.

Adding further insult is testimony during the trial that Casey Anthony seemed happy and her demeanor was upbeat during the time Caylee was missing before it was reported to authorities.

Sure, a jury did find her not guilty of muder in the death of her daughter. In the end, Casey Anthony was only charged with lying to police. She'll get out of jail next week for time served while awaiting trial and good behavior and she is free to resume whatever type of life she can scrap together.

The world is forgiving, and her trial was done according to the American system of innocent until proven guilty, so fair enough.

But that doesn't mean she didn't do it. That doesn't mean she's not a cold-blooded killer who took the life of her toddler daughter, Caylee.

Even if she's not a cold-blooded killer she was certainly a liar to authorities when it came to the investigation over her daughter's death since she was found guilty of those charges.

There's nothing sexy about that, either.

Emma Watson, the co-star of Harry Potter films, she's sexy. Angelina Jolie, she's sexy. Casey Anthony is not sexy. She's just a liar and a killer who got away with murder.

That's more disgusting than sexy.