“True Crime” host Nancy Grace had plenty to say about the most hated mother in America, Casey Anthony in a new interview. Grace appeared on E! News’ “Daily Pop,” where she gave her two cents about the recent photos that have surfaced of Anthony at the gym.

Without delay, Grace went off about Anthony’s new chiseled physique by saying, “How does she have time to be working out at a gym? I mean even I have to say she is sculpted. That doesn’t just happen. She needs to be out serving the public. Pick up trash. Volunteer. Do something. Don’t spend your time wallowing away the hours at the gym and watching TV about yourself.”

When asked if Anthony has ever reached out to her about her side of the story, Grace was quick to point out that she had many sides of the story to tell.

“Her side of the story? Which side? Because she’s told so many,” Grace said.

“She dragged her father through the mud – a former cop. Her mother stood by her, and I will just say, lied on the stand to try and save her daughter. And what does she do? Bite the hand that feeds her.

“She turned against her parents that loved Caylee, who were raising Caylee, who were supporting Caylee, while she did not work and lied about it. I mean, blame the father, blame the swimming pool. Everything was a lie,” Grace added.

Anthony was acquitted on charges of murder for the death of her daughter Caylee in a highly publicized trial. Anthony did serve time for lying to police. She no longer talks to her parents and is reportedly living in Florida with the private detective that worked on her case.