It’s been over 20 years since JonBenet Ramsey was murdered and the case remains unsolved, despite interest in it throughout the years. Now, a new Netflix documentary, “Casting JonBenet,” will explore the case in a way that has not been done before.

Netflix will be releasing their new look at the case on April 28, and has released the first trailer which gives those interested in it a slightly better idea of what to expect from the project. Here are four things to know about the documentary.

1. It’s Unsettling At Times

There’s no doubt when watching the trailer that this documentary will occasionally be disturbing. Perhaps one of the most unsettling parts will be as various young girls go into auditions to portray JonBenet. One girl in particular, Hannah, seems to drive the point that it’s unsettling home, when she asks the casting director if he knows who killed the then-six-year-old.

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2. It Features Both Documentary And Dramatic Elements

Though the film is a documentary, Netflix has admitted that there will also be dramatized elements to it, meaning it’s more of a hybrid version of the documentary genre.

3. It’s Not Just About A Casting Call

The initial premise of the project seems to indicate that it follows the story of trying to find actors to portray the roles of JonBenet, her father, John, her mother, Patsy, and her brother, Burke. However, there’s much more to the story that is being told, as the actors who are auditioning explore their own feelings about the case and their own theories for what happened that fateful night.

4. It Explores Multiple Theories About The Murder

Unlike other documentaries and TV specials, which aired during the 20-year anniversary of her death in 2016, this one doesn’t blatantly examine one theory and point a finger at one killer. A CBS docuseries examined the evidence claimed that Burke Ramsey killed his sister and his parents covered up his crime. The show led to Burke suing CBS for $750 million, claiming they had defamed him with the accusation.

In Netflix’s retelling, the film seems to examine the various theories put forth by the actors themselves, which keeps it from making outright accusations, and gives the project the fictional elements that make it a hybrid documentary.

“Casting JonBenet” debuts April 28 on Netflix.