The good news is Beckett (Stana Katic) returns in episode 7 of "Castle" Season 8, after a one-episode hiatus. The bad news, though, is that Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett are still separated. However, that could all change in "The Last Seduction," as Castle has a new plan to win back his wife. This should be good!

It is Castle and Beckett's one-year wedding anniversary and Castle plans on celebrating -- separation be damned! He decides to funnel his energy into an elaborate dinner proposal, planting a small present inside his wife's office, as well as well timed "Happy Anniversary" balloon.

Watch Castle's adorable proposal in episode 7 below:

Less adorable is the clumsy confetti blast the writer had cued up.

Watch Castle cover the precinct in confetti in episode 7 below:

It works, though -- Beckett says yes and Castle gets his anniversary dinner! Are the walls between the couple starting to come down?

Meanwhile, another "Castle" couple is having relationship problems as well -- Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Esposito (Jon Huertas). The two partners have not been getting along ever since Esposito passed the sergeant’s exam and Ryan did not. The longtime partnership is in danger of being severed by their higher-ups, so they bring in Castle as a "buffer" to mediate their disagreement and help them sort things out. Castle is more than game for the task.

Watch Ryan and Esposito ask Castle for help in episode 7 below:

The trio, along with Beckett, are on the case of a murdered actor who frequented dive bars where he would hook up with rich, married women. In an effort to get some dirt on some socialite suspects, Beckett goes undercover at a spa and brings Hayley (Toks Olagundoye) along as her partner on the mission. When a foot chase leads to the ladies sprinting out of the spa with just towels wrapped around them, Castle and the boys are happy to be on the scene to help out.

Watch Beckett go undercover in episode 7 below:

Eventually, the team traces the suspects back to a sinister divorce lawyer who had been paying their murder victim to seduce his clients' wives and then "silenced" him when he grew a conscience. The case wraps up with a tense standoff in which Ryan jumps in front of a bullet for Esposito -- he is saved by a metallic notebook in his pocket -- and the near-death experience seems to erase the tension between the feuding partners.

However, the relationship fans really want to see sorted out is Castle and Beckett and, well, it got off to a good start at the end of the episode. The couple's anniversary dinner ends in the couple getting pretty hot and heavy as they take a "time out from the time out."

“Kate…I have never given up hope. Not since the day we met. And that will never change until you tell me it should," Castle tells his wife.

Here's hoping this is the beginning of the end for the "Caskett" separation.

Watch Castle and Beckett take a "time out from the time out" in episode 7 below: