Netflix's "Castlevania" series became a surprise hit when it came out. After the release of season 2, the series' executive producer, Adi Shankar, said that he was busy with creating a "Devil May Cry" animated series

According to IGN, Shankar was raring to work on these as part of what he called "The Bootleg Multiverse." Based on how multiverses work, Shankar is aiming to create a series where Dante from the Devil May Cry franchise collaborates with Alucard, Trevor and Sypha from the Castlevania series of games.

While no news had been confirmed whether a "Devil May Cry series" is in development, this does not mean that the series won't happen. Apparently, "Castlevania's third installment may play a big part in "Devil May Cry's fruition. The third season of the series also provides clues on how Dante might seamlessly tie into the series.

Shankar is adept at creating ways to connect two unrelated franchises. This happened with a connection between the "Power Rangers," "Punisher" and "Venom." He is trying to do the same with "Castlevania" and the "Devil May Cry" series by introducing a construct known as "The Infinite Corridor" and a time-traveling character, the Count Saint Germain.

The "Devil May Cry" animated series was reported in length in 2018; that's how long it has been since any development or news has come out. According to Polygon, Shankar managed to get the rights to do a "Devil May Cry" series. With this, he is clear to do with the property as he pleased, such as connect it to another completely different property.

So far, everything has been speculation and guesswork. The fact that he has been able to connect different properties in the past should mean that he'll be able to create a connection between "Castlevania" and "Devil May Cry."

"Castlevania" season 3 will debut soon. netflix/Konami