There’s a new cat in town, and this feline will easily make a mark in your memory.

Meet Sam, who has been dubbed “cat with eyebrows,” thanks to black upward slanting spots on his face resembling brows.

Sam the cat has garnered more than 7,000 followers as of early Wednesday afternoon, thanks to photos of the cat with eyebrows posted on Instagram. And thanks to the hashtag #catsofinstagram and his own account “samhaseyebrows,” this cat isn’t done kickin’ yet. A post Monday on Reddit helped further catapult this feline into fame. “I follow this guy on Instagram. Meet Sam, the cat with eyebrows,” it said.

Not much is known about Sam, yet, other than he’s white with perky ears and dramatic black eyebrows a la Groucho Marx on his face. His bio on Instagram and Twitter simply stated: "This is Sam. He has eyebrows."

Stay tuned, since his website,, said “Coming Soon …” But for now, check out the photos below of this cuddly cat.