Apple Understands Marketing
Apple's success is that the company understands emotional connections, says one analyst. Reuters.

The Vatican has given its approval for a new Confession application for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The developer of the application, Patrick Leinen, is from a South Bend, Indiana-based company called Little iApps. This is the first application that the company has developed for the Apple devices.

AFP quoted Leinen saying that the app is intended for those who frequent the sacrament and those who wish to return.

During the 45th World Day of Social Communications held in January, 2011, Pope Benedict XVI had noted the radical changes taking place in communications that are guiding significant cultural and social developments.

On the occasion, the Pope had stated that the new technologies are not only changing the way we communicate, but communication itself, so much so that it could be said that we are living through a period of vast cultural transformation. This means of spreading information and knowledge is giving birth to a new way of learning and thinking, with unprecedented opportunities for establishing relationships and building fellowship.

The app offers features like password protected customized profiles, a guide to performing the sacrament and also a list of acts of contrition. Available in Apple's iTunes store, the app costs $1.99 leading users through an Examination of Conscience wherein they try to figure out what their real sins are; the ABC news adds.