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The CCELL Dart-X vaporizer is a great vape battery with surprisingly excellent battery life
The CCELL Dart-X vaporizer is a great vape battery with surprisingly excellent battery life IBTimes/Bob Fekete

Who Is The CCELL Dart-X Vape Battery For?

  • The CCELL Dart-X is a small vape battery that is easy to stick into any pocket or bag
  • The Dart-X is easy to use and only has one button
  • The battery life on the Dart-X is great, allowing me to go through an entire pod without a recharge

It certainly looks like vaporizers are not just a quick trend, and are here to stay. Is it healthier than smoking? The science still seems inconclusive. Is it more convenient than smoking? Absolutely, without question. Vaping is even more convenient when you have something like the CCELL Dart-X, which uses little pods instead of large glass tanks to hold whatever it is that is being vaporized.


Fantastic Form Factor

Vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes, with some devices easily slipping into a pocket while others are larger than cell phones. The CCELL Dart-X is definitely more in line with the former, as the vaporizer can fit into the palm of my hand without issue. The Dart-X is sleek and discreet, making it easy to sneak a puff here and there without drawing much attention.

The Dart-X only has one button on it, which helps to keep things simple. Clicking the button five times turns the Dart-X on, and from there inhaling on the Dart-X activates it. The Dart-X shuts itself off after about a minute of inactivity, which means the vaporizer should never accidentally turn on, and if it does somehow turn on, it's never going to accidentally be activated.


As much as its size is convenient and its controls are intuitive, the real stand-out feature of the Dart-X is that it is just nice to hold. The satin-y finish on the outside of the Dart-X means there are no bits of harsh, cold metal, nor is there any cheap plastic aside from the actual pods themselves, which we will go further into detail on later.

The Dart-X also has a great heft to it, with the vape weighing enough to feel significant, but not so much that it weighs me down or is a hassle. All of this combines into a device that just feels nice in my hands, even when not in use.

Surprising Battery Life

The CCELL Dart-X uses a USB-C cable to charge its battery. This is very helpful, as I have probably hundreds of USB-C cables laying around at any given time. Mostly I'm just glad that the Dart-X doesn't use some weird, proprietary plug like many other vape batteries tend to use.


Charging the Dart-X takes a little while, but once fully charged, the battery lasts for a very long time. In fact, I went through an entire pod and the battery light only dropped one notch. There isn't a detailed battery life indicator on the Dart-X, but based on the lights, that means the battery still had between one third and two thirds charge remaining. Considering I have used vape batteries that can't even make it through one pod without needing a recharge, that's pretty impressive.

Neat Magnetic Pods

I've brought up the word "pods" a few times now, so let's actually dive into what these pods are. The Dart-X comes with a 0.5ml and a 1.0ml refillable plastic pod. These pods can be filled with any kind of oil one would want to vape, including CBD, THC and nicotine-based options. It should be noted that CCELL doesn't actually make any oil, leaving that for other companies to produce.


Pre-filled Dart pods are also available for purchase. Again, these all come from other companies that make the oil to use with the Dart-X, but the pods themselves are compatible with the vaporizer battery. The Dart-X is also compatible with the first generation of Dart pods.

Swapping the pods in and out is very satisfying thanks to surprisingly strong magnets found on the inside of the Dart-X. The Dart-X pods have metal on the bottom of them, meaning they instantly click right into place when brought close to the vaporizer battery.


Mysterious Features

The CCELL Dart-X claims to have two additional features, but there are no instructions included for how to access them. For example, the Dart-X has three different temperature settings. There's also a child-resistant lock feature. I suspect pressing the button somehow activates these, but there is nothing that explains how to do so.

Thankfully, these two features aren't crucial to enjoying the Dart-X. Playing around with different temperatures would have been interesting, but the temperature setting the Dart-X is at by default worked just fine for me. Those with children around may want to figure out the child-resistant lock, but one sure-fire way to keep kids away from using the Dart-X is to simply remove the pod. If there's no pod inserted, the Dart-X is pretty much useless.

Final Thoughts

Vaping is super convenient, and the CCELL Dart-X makes it even more so. This vaporizer battery offers a long charge in a sleek form factor, making it easy to tuck the Dart-X into any pocket or bag without concern that the Dart-X will run out of power. The refillable cartridges, or pods, along with the pre-filled pods, also means the Dart-X can be used again and again with multiple different oil options.

The CCELL Dart-X is available right now, but can only be found in major legal dispensaries across the United States. It is not available to purchase online. There is also no set price for the Dart-X, but I have been told that the vaporizer battery is usually available for around $30-50, and a purchase frequently also includes oil to use with the Dart-X. If anyone happens to find a Dart-X when out, I strongly recommend giving it a try.