Celso Santebanes, a 20-year-old Brazilian model, has spent more than $50,000 to look like a living doll. But it doesn’t stop there. The Ken doll-lookalike reportedly acts like a “human puppet” and is even going to have his own line of toy dolls.

According to the Daily Mail, Santebanes has had four rounds of plastic surgery on his nose, chin and jaw and had silicone implants put in his chest to appear more like a doll. But that’s not the only plastic in Santebanes’ life; he’s launching a brand of toys called Celso Dolls.

“I went to the city to become a model,” he said. “I never expected to have a toy myself. I dreamed of being a human puppet, but having one in my image was completely unexpected.”

Santebanes said his family always told him he looked like a doll. Growing up, Santebanes, whose last name was Borges Pereira before he changed it to the surname of a Mexican television character, collected a slew of dolls that he lined up on his shelf. At 16, he won a modeling contest and began his Ken transformation.

“People are sometimes frightened by the way I look, and stop me to say how much I look like a doll!” he said. “And I do suffer a lot of prejudice. But the world is full of judgmental people, I don't care.”

The Mail reported Santebanes doesn’t just look like a doll, but acts like a “human puppet,” too.

As a celebrity abroad as well as in his native São Paulo, Brazil, Santebanes charges as much as £10,000 ($16,849) for a VIP appearance. He’s also slated to star in a reality show in addition to his Celso Dolls release in Brazil.

But one thing Santebanes doesn’t have is a girlfriend, though he reportedly does want to join forces with “Human Barbie” Valeria Lukyanova.

”The human Ken bachelor is looking for his Barbie,” he said. “Who wants to be my girlfriend? After all, no one is happy alone.”