At least 17 reported tornadoes were brought to several parts of the central U.S. by a major storm moving through the country. The total numbers of tornadoes occurred in Arkansas were three, eight in Iowa, four in Illinois, one in Missouri and one in Wisconsin.

A violent storm in In Jonesboro, Arkansas, reportedly damaged a town and injured six in its course. The same storm caused a 90 mph wind in Henderson County, Kentucky and was also responsible for widespread rainfall of 1 to 2 inches from Iowa to Pennsylvania. Further, the very same storm also caused flash flooding near Cleveland and brought in over 10 inches of snow in the western Nebraska region.

In the last 24 hours, over 190 reports of severe weather have been reported throughout the central U.S. from Midwest to the Ohio valley, ABC News reported.

In the last few days, severe weather has been seen on the rise and the U.S. averages around 80 tornadoes in the month of March. The month of April averages around 155 tornadoes, of which multiple hotspots can be seen in the southern Gulf, the central and southern plains as well as parts of the Midwest. In the month of May, the country witnesses around 276 tornadoes on average.

On Sunday morning, the radar was showing heavy snowfall in the Minnesota region and two other areas of rains and thunderstorms. The first area is the one from the Great Lakes to the western Appalachians, and the second one being the more pronounced squall line between Tennessee Valley and parts of the Gulf Coast. The storm will soon move in the east direction and one can expect to see some strong thunderstorms in the parts of Great Lakes and Appalachians.

One can expect heavy rainfall across the southeast by Tuesday. During this period of time, the high-risk area will be from southern Alabama to southeast Georgia and parts of the Florida panhandle.

nashville tornado
Buildings damaged by the storm are seen in the Germantown neighborhood following devastating tornadoes on March 03, 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee. At least 22 people have reportedly been killed after tornadoes ripped across Tennessee overnight, causing widespread damage. Jason Kempin/Getty Images