samsung family hub
Samsung has revealed a new "Family Hub" smart fridge that can display recipes and store notes from family members. JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/Getty Images

Samsung revealed a new smart fridge on Monday that could solve the age-old problem of getting to the store without your shopping list. The Family Hub can beam a list of the food stored inside to a smartphone anywhere in the world.

Continuing the Internet of Things (IoT) trend that promises to push online connectivity into household appliances, Samsung's fridge is an all-singing, all-dancing machine with a 21.5-inch 1080p display on its door, speakers for listening to music, and even a camera inside to watch food expire in real time. Users can leave each other notes, display recipes and monitor the food intake of other family members — or roommates.

Samsung even promises the fridge will hook up to other IoT appliances through the company's SmartThings platform. Compatible devices will connect up to the fridge, transforming it into an all-in-one hub for controlling various switches and lights throughout the house.

samsung family hub
Samsung's "Family Hub" smart fridge has speakers and a 21.5-inch display. Samsung

The company doesn't have the best track record with smart fridges, however. In August, researchers discovered a way to attack Samsung's RF28HMELBSR smart fridge and expose a user's Google credentials to rogue hackers. The fridge's implementation of SSL security left it vulnerable to attacks.

Customers also complained that another one of the company's fridges was unable to connect to Google Calendar for over a year. Google changed its calendar API, which the fridge uses to communicate with Google's service, which means the RF4289HARS model in question needed an update to restore access.

Samsung has yet to reveal pricing and release dates, but the Family Hub has some unique and interesting ideas for the growing market of IoT kitchen appliances. The question remains of whether the company will be able to shake the bad publicity that has plagued its previous entries, however.