Hyundai’s advertising arm will showcase smart driving sunglasses at CES next week. Reuters/Stephen Lam

Driving could be pretty dangerous to those who are hitting the road without much sleep. To remind people of the dangers of falling asleep while driving, Hyundai’s advertising arm has developed smart driving sunglasses.

Innocean Worldwide is an agency that mainly manages the global marketing communication of South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Company. Interestingly, Innocean is breaking the stereotype about advertising companies by participating in this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Innocean is the first ever advertising company to participate in the annual exhibition, which is now slated to kick off next week. For its debut appearance at the largest electronics show, Hyundai’s advertising partner is showcasing its invention — a pair of sunglasses that’s programmed to help drivers on the road, Korea Herald has learned.

The smart driving sunglasses are designed to address two problems that many drivers face on a regular basis. The first one is drowsy driving. Innocean’s sunglasses, called Glatus, has built-in sensors that automatically detect whenever the wearer is showing signs of drowsiness. The moment the sunglasses notice that the driver is sleepy, the device will vibrate to alarm the driver of the situation.

The other problem that Innocean wants to address with its Glatus sunglasses has to do with hearing. It wasn’t revealed how this would work, but Innocean says its invention can prevent accidents by providing a temporay solution to a driver’s hearing problem.

The company has also confirmed that it will be showcasing another type of sunglasses at CES 2018 next week. This variant is designed to automatically alter the intensity of illumination that’s hitting the wearer’s eyes. To ensure that the driver has a clear vision even when entering a tunnel, the lenses of the spectacles brighten to make it easier for the wearer to see while traveling through the dark path. The lenses return to their usual dark shade when the sensors notice that the driver is no longer inside the tunnel.

According to Innocean, it is planning to launch its smart driving sunglasses overseas. Unfortunately, the agency did not specify the markets that will be provided with access to its invention. Selling the product in other countries won’t be a problem though, for the company has already completed patent applications for the sunglasses’ brand, design and technology.

Meanwhile, other companies to watch out for at CES 2018 are Samsung, Sony and LG. The schedule of the keynote presentations of Samsung and Sony have already been revealed, and both companies are teasing big announcements. On the other hand, LG has already announced some of the products and inventions it will be flaunting at its booth next week.