• Stern's Led Zeppelin pinball table comes packed with 10 Led Zeppelin songs
  • The Premium and Limited Edition versions feature unique gameplay mechanics
  • All three versions of the Led Zeppelin pinball table are available now

CES 2021 is all about high-tech gadgets and futuristic technologies, but pinball giant Stern has taken to the show this year to bring us all back in time to the 1970s with its new Led Zeppelin-themed pinball table.


The Stern Led Zeppelin table comes in three different models, which is pretty standard for pinball table releases these days. The first is the pro, which is the most basic option of the three. The pro model is the one that will likely be the most common found at bars, bowling alleys, and wherever else you find pinball tables. Because it is the most basic, it requires the lowest amount of maintenance, making it ideal for public use. The other two, the Premium and the Limited Edition, offer added features that we’ll go in-depth on later.

Of course, the big highlight with the Led Zeppelin pinball table is the fact that Led Zeppelin agreed to license their IP in the first place. The band is pretty notorious for keeping its property to itself. The goal for the table is to recreate a Led Zeppelin concert experience, complete with lights, music, and even concert footage.

Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 3
From left to right, the Pro, Premium and Limited Edition versions of the Stern Led Zeppelin pinball table Stern

The table was designed by Steve Ritchie, the legendary pinball designer behind classic tables like Black Knight, Black Knight 2000, “Terminator 2: Judgement Day,” and more recently the AC/DC and “Game of Thrones” tables. Given his history working with classic rock bands, it seems like Ritchie was the perfect fit for the Led Zeppelin table.

All three tables feature 10 full Led Zeppelin songs, including their biggest hits like "Immigrant Song," "Whole Lotta Love," and "Black Dog." All three also include a version of the titular zeppelin featured in Led Zeppelin artwork.

The Pro version of the table features artwork on the side that is reminiscent of the album art for Led Zeppelin III, the Premium is inspired by Led Zeppelin’s self-titled release, and the Limited Edition features the iconic Icarus logo on it, along with a blue frame instead of the traditional black frame.

Pretty much every pinball table is unique in terms of the table layout and rules, but the Led Zeppelin table’s premium and limited edition multiball feature is something I don’t think I have seen before. Instead of storing balls off to the side or under the table surface, the Led Zeppelin table has a unit in the center of the table that rises up to catch balls to store them. Once enough balls have been caught, players need to hit them free from the central unit. That adds some unique gameplay by turning the multiball into its own unique shot.

As an added bonus for those who splurge on the limited edition model of the Led Zeppelin pinball table, this version comes with unique custom artwork, an upgraded audio system, anti-reflection glass, and a shaker motor. There are only a set number of limited edition tables available, so each one has a plate on it identifying which table it is in the series.

The base model of the Stern Led Zeppelin pinball table is the Pro, which runs for $6,199. The next step up is the Premium, which can be purchased for $7,799. Lastly, the Limited Edition version of the pinball table runs for $9,199. All three are available right now, and those interested in buying one should head to the Stern website to find a dealer or distributor near them.