LAS VEGAS -- Whether it's LG's OLEDs, Samsung's curved displays or thinner and larger screens from Sony, just about every conceivable feature has been thrown onto the latest 4K Ultra HD televisions unveiled here at the International Consumer Electronics Show. But even with all the bells and whistles, consumers have been slow to upgrade to the high-resolution sets. Their collective reaction could be summed up as: "Meh."

International Business Times hit the CES 2015 floor to find out why adoption has been slow and what people really think about 4K TV. From thoughts on price to whether or not they planned to buy a 4K set, attendees shared their takes in the video below:

The TV industry isn't alone in its efforts to attract upgraders and new customers. Smartphone makers, from Apple to Samsung, as well as Chinese upstarts like ZTE, are battling to make their phones thinner, lighter, edgier and curvier to set themselves apart in a market where differentiation is becoming increasingly difficult. The jury is still out on those attempts as well.