Washington D.C. radio host Chad Dukes was fired for allegedly making racists comments and, judging by the reaction on social media, nobody is all that surprised.

Entercom, the parent company of the D.C. network, offered few specifics on the dismissal. Ivy Savoy-Smith, the market manager for Entercom, said the company has no tolerance for disparaging speech in a statement to The Washington Post.

J.P. Flaim, host of The Junkies morning show on D.C.’s 106.7 The Fan, made the announcement confirming the dismissal on Friday morning.

"Our company recently learned of inappropriate comments that he made in past episodes of his personal podcast and our company has zero tolerance for any forms of hateful speech, so our focus, the Junkies, remains on sports and doing the best show we can," he said, according to the Post.

However, on social media, nobody seemed all that surprised by the firing.

Duke “is a disgrace,” one commenter stated on Twitter. “Good riddance,” another added on the popular social media platform.

Given that it’s unclear what Duke said specifically, others were a bit more sympathetic, suggesting it was wrong to demonize someone for getting fired for speaking his mind. One person on Twitter also said odds are his radio supporters never listened to his podcast, The Big O And Dukes.

Duke has been known for being more volatile at times. He used an expletive to describe an NFL reporter who hung up on during an on-air interview in 2018.

His isn't the only firing to happen due to alleged racist remarks or actions, and actions have been taken in other areas as well to try to take action, as public frustration continues to grow.

Yelp, the online business review site, released an alert system in early October meant to inform users if a business has been “accused of racist behavior,” for example.

Anti-racism demonstrators take to the streets in Portland on July 29, 2020
Anti-racism demonstrators take to the streets in Portland on July 29, 2020 AFP / Alisha JUCEVIC