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Camila (left) and her sister Larissa did not survive their visit to the pit in episode 4 of "Battle of the Bloodlines." MTV

Episode 4 of MTV’s “The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines” uncharacteristically said goodbye to three teams during Wednesday night’s installment. Find out which bloodlines were sent home in “#cornessa.”


The episode starts with Tony being transported to a hospital after falling down en route to the elimination. The rest of the competitors head to the pit, where host TJ Lavin makes a shocking announcement. After commending Candice for her stellar performance during episode 3’s challenge, he reveals that she and her cousin, veteran Leroy, must go home due to her broken toe. After making a tearful goodbye, Larissa and Jenna compete to stay in the game.

The female competitors are given the challenge “Door Slammer.” Jenna wins the best of three rounds to keep her and her cousin Brianna in the game. Sisters Camila and Larissa are sent packing.

“It takes a lot of mental toughness to do this and she’s proven that she’s even stronger than me mentally,” Camila says through tears. “I think we grew together.”

House Drama

Back at the house, the competitors discuss their surprise over Leroy and Candice’s exit. Nany says the dynamic of the house has changed. Johnny Bananas says he’s upset because he’s lost a key member of his alliance.

The next morning, Shane is woken up by producers. The showrunners tell him his brother Tony needs him at the hospital.

There are a few romances that start to blossom in the house. KellyAnne begins a flirtation with Dario and admits to sharing a few kisses with him. Aneesa and Cory start a romance, but it is short-lived. After Aneesa tells the cameras she believes their relationship is "real," Cory admits to his brother Mitch they're not going anywhere as a couple. Mitch also reveals Cory has a girlfriend back home. When Aneesa overhears Cory’s comments, she says she demands "respect" and warns Corey that he is not safe.

The Challenge

Brothers Shane (left) and Tony were eliminated from "The Challenge" in episode 4. MTV

Ahead of episode 4’s challenge, TJ informs the cast that Tony and Shane have been eliminated from the game due to Tony’s medical issue. He surprises the cast by welcoming Abram, Cara Maria’s live-in boyfriend, and his brother Mike onto the show. Cara Maria and Abram share a steamy kiss after this arrival.

TJ reveals the cast will be competing in the trivia challenge “Air to the Throne.” Despite Cara Maria failing to know who director Sofia Coppola is — asked a movie question, she answers Diem Brown, paying tribute to the late “Challenge” contestant — the red team answers the most trivia questions correctly and wins. The losing blue team is told to nominate one guy from their group to send into the elimination round. The red team must also pick a male player from the blue team to send into the pit.


There is no second elimination round in episode 4. The installment ends with the rookies revealing they want to break up the veteran alliance. Johnny Bananas says he fears that is exactly what will happen.

“We are on the verge of having the numbers totally against us,” Johnny says.

“We’re rookies. We’re not here to follow any of the vets,” Dario says. “Nobody’s scared of you. Nobody’s intimated. Get ready because I’m gonna get in your face.”

“The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines” episode 5 airs Wednesday, Dec. 30, at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.