Uber on Monday announced plans for expanded services as part of its “go anywhere” and “get anything" campaign.

“After two years of pandemic living, 2022 is looking like a sea change. One of the busiest travel seasons is upon us, a record-breaking number of weddings will be held this year, and climate is at the center of the global conversation,” Uber said in a press release.

The new features announced at its Go/Get virtual event will allow users to book an itinerary for rides right through the Uber app for traveling to a hotel, for flights, as well as booking restaurant reservations on trips. Users can also book vehicles for large parties and reserve electric vehicles.

Uber Travel can book an itinerary by just entering a Gmail account. The app does the rest of the planning.

Uber Charter allows users to order a party bus, passenger van, or a coach bus.

Uber Eats at Stadiums will allow users to order food beforehand from concessions and be able to pick it up without waiting in line.

Voice Ordering will allow users to order food by just saying “O.K. Google” on the app, which will vocally put in an order.

EV Hub and a Charging Map show how to get to the closet electric vehicle charging stations.

Uber Comfort Electric gives users the choice to order a luxury electric car for an upgraded electric experience.

A voucher for events now gives users a way to cover the cost of rides for multiple riders to get to an event, like a corporate function or a wedding.