Chicago Med
Sparks flew between Dr. Manning and Dr. Halstead while she worked hard to stop an epidemic from breaking out in the hospital in “Chicago Med” Season 2, episode 4 “Brother’s Keeper.” Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

NBC’s “Chicago Med” supplied some interesting cases and teased an upcoming romance in Season 2, episode 4. Last week, Dr. Will Halstead discovered that Maggie’s sister has cancer while Jeff Clarke and Dr. Natalie Manning treated a patient who didn’t speak a word of English. This week, however, fans of the medical drama were introduced to the newest Chicago Med staff – Dr. Robin Charles, Dr. Daniel Charles’ daughter and an epidemiologist.

“Chicago Med” Season 2, episode 4 saw Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) treat an 82-year-old patient named Dr. Hall who urgently required surgery. The problem was getting his consent. The elderly man could barely string two words together. Which left Choi with no other option but to turn to his next of kin, his son. Unfortunately, his son was against surgery and simply wanted him dead. On the other hand, the old man’s girlfriend wanted him to do the surgery but she isn’t his relative so she doesn’t count.

Fortunately, Choi stuck around near Mr. Hall long enough for him to say “save me.” That was all the signal the doctor needed to perform the surgery and save his life.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Dr. Sarah Reese (Rachel Di Pillo) was dealing with a 19-year-old boy suffering from bowel obstruction. He’s also a heroin addict. Dr. Reese gets him to open up since he doesn’t like male doctors. Later in “Chicago Med” Season 2, episode 4, the boy’s over bearing mother drops by. So Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) and Reese do everything they can to delay his discharge. However, it’s too late and the psychologists discover a shocking secret.

The boy is actually part of a sex trafficking ring and the woman is his boss/supervisor. She also embedded a tracking device on his chest and takes him after he leaves the hospital. Poor boy.

Meanwhile, Manning (Torrey DeVitto) deals with a potential epidemic in her hands when three patients report the same symptoms. Fortunately, she is able to persuade one of patients to stop using the breathing tube and answer her questions. With the help of Dr. Charles’ daughter, she is able to figure out how to suppress the infection.

“Chicago Med” Season 2, episode 4 also hinted that Manning and Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) will definitely have an affair sometime soon even though she is currently romancing Clarke (Jeff Hephner).

The last medical case was one related to Maggie who had developed an attachment to a patient in coma. Before she lapsed in her comatose state, she said “Maggie Pie” which is the same name her mother used to call her affectionately. She asks Halstead to examine the woman. But Halstead ruins it by contacting the patient’s sister. Her sister decides to pulls the plug on her. Maggie is heartbroken.

“Chicago Med” Season 2, episode 4, titled “Brother’s Keeper,” also saw a light side of Dr. Latham (Ato Essandoh). He loves Star Wars and is an awesome pianist.

“Chicago Med” Season 2 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on NBC.