Chicago P.D.
Detective Olinsky risks losing his badge to save his friend from a murder charge in “Chicago P.D.” Season 4, episode 6. Watch the episode on Wednesday, Nov. 2 at 10 p.m. EDT on NBC. Matt Dinerstein/NBC

NBC’s “Chicago P.D.” aired an episode this week in which a college student’s murder was linked to a drug smuggling ring. The Intelligence Unit did their best to crack an operation that targets college students who are addicts. This week, the police procedural solves a murder case in which the prime suspect is a friend of Detective Alvin Olinsky.

Season 4, episode 6 kicks off with patrol officers Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) and Sorensen (Kevin Kane) checking out the house of a famous baseball played named Jake McCoy (Billy Burke) after they receive complaints from a frustrated neighbor. However, nothing can prepare the officers for what happens next. They discover the body of a 16-year-old girl named Maya Collins (Violett Beane).

The promo of the upcoming “Chicago P.D.” episode reveals that Detective Olinsky (Elias Koteas) is Jake’s close friend. Once the Intelligence Unit learns about their friendship, they realize it creates a conflict of interest.

However, thanks to Olinsky’s friendship with Jake, the department learns that he was helping Maya and some other girls escape the sex trade. But is his story really true?

Olinsky will risk his badge in order help his friend. In the trailer for episode 6, titled “Skin In The Game,” the Detective meets the baseball player and tells him that he can help him just like he did before with a DUI (Driving Under Influence) charge.

Elsewhere, Burgess and Sorensen will track down a thief who turns out to be a policeman with a troublesome past.

Meanwhile, Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) will receive a mysterious bouquet of flowers. Is it from an ex-lover? Watch out, Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer)!

“Chicago P.D.” Season 4, episode 6 premieres on Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 10 p.m. EDT on NBC.