Chicago P.D.
Jesse Lee Soffer previews what's next for Lindsay and Halstead in "Chicago P.D." Season 4. Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Things didn’t look too good for Squad Commander of the Chicago Police Department’s Intelligence Unit, Hank Voight, in the Season 3 finale of NBC’s “Chicago P.D.” In the final moments of the episode 23, the short-fused officer shot his son’s killer and buried his body. However, before he did it, he urged Lindsay to bolt so that she wouldn’t become a witness to the murder.

Nevertheless, that does not change the fact that Lindsay (Sophia Bush) knew that Voight (Jason Beghe) was going to kill Justin’s murderer. Could this mean that she is an accessory to murder in Season 4? Is she going to go to prison for what she didn’t tell the cops?

“[Voight’s] a father figure to her,” Jesse Lee Soffer, who plays Lindsay’s boyfriend Halstead, told TVGuide, “So she’s going to try to take care of him. … What’s really important for Halstead is making sure that Lindsay doesn’t end up in jail, Lindsay doesn’t end up going down with Voight.”

Indeed, Season 4 will see Lindsay and Halstead, affectionately called Linstead by fans, move in together. However, she will still be reeling from the emotional shock of losing Justin who was like a brother to her. “She lost her brother, essentially,” Soffer added, “This season more than any other, Lindsay and Halstead are going to really rely on each other.”

Speaking of fathers and father-figures, Season 4 of “Chicago P.D.” may introduce Lindsay’s father, Entertainment Weekly reports. “We’ve had great success with her [Lindsay’s] mom, who’s a handful,” the NBC show’s executive producer, Matt Olmstead, told EW, “Who’s her dad? When do we see her dad? What does her dad mean to her? What would the complications be? So on the horizon there looms Lindsay’s dad.”

“Chicago P.D.” Season 4 premieres on Wednesday, Sept. 21, at 10 p.m. EST on NBC.

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