Two suspects are in custody after a shooting early Sunday in the Chicago neighborhood of Englewood.

The shooting took place at approximately 12:40 a.m. and injured 13, with four said to be in critical condition. The incident occurred at a memorial party celebrating the birthday of Lonell Irvin, who was killed by gun violence.

Chicago Police officer Michael Carroll confirmed that two men are being questioned in relation to the shooting. One of the men attempted to shoot himself and was hospitalized when police spoke to the media. The other man was found to be carrying a revolver when officers encountered him.

Those who suffered gunshot wounds ranged in age from 16 to 48. The youngest victim is reported to be among those in critical condition.

Fred Waller, head of the patrol division for the Chicago Police, confirmed that the shooting resulted from a conflict between two people in the home where the party was taking place. Security footage shows additional shots being fired outside of the house after the initial shooting. Video also appears to show a second shooter firing at a car.

“From outside, definitely there was two different shooters,” Waller explained. “It looked like they were just shooting randomly at people as they exited the party.”

Mayor Lori Lightfoot visited the victims at the University of Chicago Hospital and made a statement about the shooting.

“It’s a terrible tragedy and frankly an act of cowardice,” Lightfoot said. “People in that house know what happened and we urge them to overcome their fears and come forward with information. We can’t normalize this kind of behavior and tragedy in this city.”

Lightfoot and the Chicago police urged anyone with information about the shooting to submit an anonymous tip at

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