The Chicago police were questioning a person of interest after a toddler was shot in the head during an apparent road-rage incident Tuesday morning.

The 1-year-old boy, his grandmother and her boyfriend were in a Lincoln when someone in an SUV started shooting at them, resulting in the car crashing. The three people were rushed to a nearby hospital by passersby. The child, who had suffered a gunshot wound to the head, was later transported to another hospital in a critical condition, reported.

The grandmother’s boyfriend was driving the vehicle when the incident took place. The police said the firing took place after the drivers of the vehicle got into an argument.

"There was a dispute possibly over somebody not letting somebody into a lane of traffic," Cmdr. Jake Alderden of the Chicago Police Department's 1st District told ABC News, adding the two "were completely unknown to each other."

During the investigation, the officers found a handgun inside the Lincoln and were working to find out if it was fired.

Speaking to the Chicago Sun-Times on Tuesday night, Dr. Marcelo Malakooti, said the toddler is on a ventilator.

"It’s really hard to predict right now what will happen. It’s a very tenuous situation, it can change hourly," he told the outlet, adding his team is "doing all we can do for this little boy and thank everyone for their concern."

The toddler’s family members believe he is going to be okay.

"The bullet went in and came out. He’s been in surgery. It looks to be like he’s going to be OK," the boy’s great-grandfather told WGN News.

Meanwhile, calling the incident, a "simple, but stupid, road rage," Mayor Lori Lightfoot said, "Obviously any time anyone is shot in Chicago it is tragic, particularly when it is a child."

"It’s mind boggling to me that people carry guns in the way that they do. That they use them in the way that they do. ... It’s just a terrible tragedy," she added.

Not much is known about the person of interest as of Tuesday night.

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