The Apple Store in Chicago is about to open in a new location, with a new look that you’ll probably recognize.

The building is designed like many Apple stores, sleek with lots of glass. But a recent addition makes the store different than the other. This store will look like a giant MacBook, a new video on YouTube reveals. The Apple logo was affixed to the silver metal roof this week giving it the official Apple touch, according to The Verge.

The addition of the logo was not included in the renderings that were filed with the Chicago Department of Planning and Development and posted online by the Chicago Tribune. The renderings do show the thin metal silver roof that resembles a MacBook, but no logo can be seen on the roof.

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The renderings submitted by Foster + Partners, an architecture firm based in London, show the open multi-story building, transparent and set on the edge of the Chicago River. It’s the firm’s third Apple Store in the world, but it has designed many other buildings that match Apple’s clean sleek style.

The firm also helped design Apple’s new campus in California that opened to employees in April. The addition of the logo isn’t a complete surprise, some news outlets saw it coming and reported it back in March. A video shot from above the store and posted on YouTube by DNAinfo Chicago shows the massive Apple logo being moved into place.

Apple’s stores have always been architecturally interesting. Large glass structures mixed in with cities made of stone and steel. Many of the stores feature multiple walls made of thick glass. The Chicago store is no exception. The walls are floor to ceiling, offering stunning views of the river beyond and they’re made of four layers of half-inch thick glass, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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The metal roof is made of the same material in which boat hulls are created. The reason being that in some areas, it’s very thin and needed to still be sturdy. The thickness of it ranges from four feet thick in one area to just four inches thick in another, reported the Chicago Tribune. The goal of the design is for it to make the plaza the store sits in near the river one that people can enjoy. The actual retail space was designed to be below street level to keep the views of the plaza and the river pristine.

The building plans were presented in 2015 and work has been swift, but for now the scaffolding is still up masking much of the structure. There is no official opening date for the 20,000 square-foot store yet.