Imagine searching for your football in your garden and it is found on top of a snake. This is exactly what happened to a child in Australia.

Snake catcher Steven Brown was called to a home in Albany Creek, a suburb in Brisbane, on Wednesday by a homeowner who said their child had found a snake in the garden.

"Received a call late this afternoon when the customer’s child went to grab his football that had gone into the garden only to find it had landed right on top of a Coastal Carpet Python (Morelia spilota mcdowelli)," Brown wrote in an Instagram post.

He reached the home within 20 minutes of receiving the call and captured the snake. Brown noticed the snake was emaciated and decided to take it to the vet before releasing it into the wild.

"The snake was taken to the vets and has an infection of the soft tissue in the mouth. Has been placed on antibiotics and will spend a while in my care before being released," Brown told International Business Times.

Brown posted a few photos of the snake, and in one of them, the ball can be seen right on top of the reptile.

"This guy should weigh at least another 500 grams," he told IBT.

Last month, two 10-feet-long pythons were seen fighting in the front yard of a home in Queensland, Australia. Stuart Mackenzie, from the Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher 24/7, arrived at the residence after receiving a call from the homeowner that "two big carpet pythons fighting it out in their front lawn."

A video showed the two reptiles "trying to push each other’s heads down." The pythons were then captured and placed in a black bag before being released in a bushland.

"The occupant was worried about kids and small pets so we relocated them to some nearby bushland! A lot of people believe this is snakes mating, however it is in fact how male snakes fight it out over a nearby female," Mackenzie wrote in a Facebook post.

Python Pixabay