• The man was in his farmhouse when he heard the cries of his pet dog
  • He found the reptile attempting to swallow the canine after coiling around it
  • He save the canine after about 80 minutes of struggle

A man saved his pet dog from being swallowed by a 20-foot-long python. The incident took place in the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

The man, identified as Ravi Shetty Byndoor, was at his farmhouse when he heard the cries of his pet. He rushed outside and found the reptile attempting to swallow the canine after coiling around it. He immediately rushed to save the canine.

"My immediate concern was to save the dog which we are all attached to. It was definitely not an easy job as the snake was at least 20 feet in length and weighed about 50 kilograms (110 pounds)," he told local daily the Times of India.

He then reached out to his friend from the Forest department for help and the two managed to save the canine after about 80 minutes of struggle.

"I reached out to my friend Rajeeva S Gowda from the forest department for help. Locals were hesitant in intervening after seeing the size of the snake," he told the outlet.

The snake was also captured and released into the wild. The canine was not seriously injured in the incident.

The incident comes months after three pet dogs killed a snake after the reptile tried to attack their owner in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu on Sunday. Ramalingam was in his farm when a six-foot-long Russel’s viper approached him. Just when the reptile was about to strike him, his pet dogs, that had followed him to the farm, attacked the reptile and eventually killed it.

In the process, one of the dogs was bitten by the reptile and was given anti-venom. Video of the incident showed the dogs around the snake before taking turns to attack it. The incident went viral on social media and the dogs were praised for their courage.

This representational image shows a python on a tree inside his enclosure at the Dhupguri snake park in India, Feb. 8, 2006. REUTERS/Rupak De Chowdhuri