Traffic Jams and speeding motorists are a constant threat to pedestrians in China. To solve this problem, this time, it's not the Chinese traffic police that have set in to take control of the situation, but it is a granny who has come up with a creative solution to distract the motorists from speeding. Her distraction for the motorists is a sex doll, which she tied to a tree at the corner where most motorcyclists were speeding.

This granny took the responsibility in her hands and imagined that stop lights or slow down signs would not make the same impact and impression on the men who so speed on their motorcycles and presenting a dangerous situation for pedestrians.

According to a report published in Car News China, this old lady installed this doll right at the traffic crossing. This sex doll is dressed in skimpy red lace lingerie and is enough to distract the men on bikes who slow down to take one look at the beautiful seductress at the corner of the street.

Whether distracting driving men with sex dolls is a safe option or not is debatable. But it indeed has helped in slowing the traffic down around the corner where this granny lives.

Sex dolls and sex robots are believed to be the future of prostitution and sex tourism as a company called released its sex robots in April this year. This company revealed their first sex robot Roxxxy at the 2010 AVN Expo in Las Vegas. Roxy, who can come in variety of modes and moods weighs 60 pounds and is believed to have artificial intelligence.

As the popularity of sex dolls and sex robots increases, it waits to be seen if this sex doll installed by the Chinese granny to stop speeding motorists will be able to distract them enough.