Free Chipotle? Where? This week, the Internet was abuzz with news of a Chipotle coupon that promised free food, but the viral advertisement turned out to be fake. 

“Repost, tag us, and follow for a free meal for one person, that’s right, Free,” the advertisement read. The viral Chipotle coupon featured a photo of the iconic foiled-wrapped Mexican treat. “Show this ad to your cashier for 100% free food. Only one per person Valid until march 20th.”

Now, as much as we wish this doubtful and grammatically incorrect coupon were real -- it’s not. Sorry, burrito bowl lovers! This Chipotle coupon is a complete hoax, and it will make you look silly if you try to hand one to the cashier.

Chipotle coupon 2014 Sketchy Chipotle coupon turns out to be a fake. Photo: Chipotle

“Just tried that chipotle coupon and they all laughed. So I’m going to guess it isn’t real,” The Epoch Times quoted a tricked Chipotle fan.

Myra, the voice of Chipotle’s Twitter account, confirmed that the coupon was fraudulent.

“Bout to get dressed, dip out to my local @chipotletweets spot…& cash in off this chipotlecoupon,” a hopeful and hungry Twitter user wrote.

“@Theebabyboy Except that’s a fake coupon and we aren’t honoring it. Sorry. –Myra,” Chipotle responded.