The World Chocolate Wonderland, China's first chocolate-themed park opened its annual exhibition with a fashion show featuring ensembles made from the tasty treat. Models, clad in haute chocolate instead of haute couture that looked good enough to eat, took to the runway on Dec. 15, 2011.

Although not fabric-friendly, the designers created glamorous accessories, hats and ornaments with the help of the chocolate.

Chocolate can be crispy and it's not very malleable nor can you easily shape it. This time the craftsmen had added some special ingredients so it could be easily shaped. It was more practical for us. So you can see that it's soft and sticks to the fabric. It's versatile. There's chocolate on the ornament, hat and the dress, said fashion designer Lin Guodong.

World Chocolate Wonderland is the first chocolate theme park in China. Located in Beijing to the north of the Bird's Nest, its grand opening was held on Jan. 29, 2010. It houses the world's biggest chocolate model of the Great Wall of China.

The inauguration was also marked by a fashion show with models dressed in wigs and dresses made of chocolate.

According to organizers, the purpose of creating the theme park is to bring a little sweetness to the Chinese people during the recession. Furthermore, it was designed to allow visitors to learn about chocolate's history and its impact on other cultures.

Take a look at the unique fashion show at the World Chocolate Wonderland in the slideshow given: