Ever since Chris Brown's alleged cell phone snatching incident outside of a Miami club two weeks ago, rumors have been flying about possible reprecussions to the singer, who's on probation after pleading no contest to a charge of felony assault for beating then- (and possible current?) girlfriend Rihanna after the 2009 Grammy's.

An arrest, even without a charge, could land him back in prison, and at one point there were even claims that an arrest was imminent. That seems to have cooled down, but Radar Online is reporting that Florida's State Attorney Office has put in a formal request with Chris Brown attorney Mark Geragos to question the singer.

But will the police actually sit down with Chris Brown? TMZ's source downplays the likelihood, saying At this point it appears that won't happen, and instead Geragos will represent him, and already in constant communications with the DA in Miami.

Mark Geragos has made his name as a celebrity lawyer, whose former clients include entertainment figures like Michael Jackson and Winona Ryder and political figures like Gary Condit. He represented Brown during his legal troubles four years ago after he repeatedly punched Rihanna in the face, getting him five years probation in addition to community service and anger management classes. He had in fact filed to have Brown's probation ended short just weeks before Brown's latest legal drama, but a Los Angeles judge denied the motion, meaning that Brown is definitely still on probation.

If he does go to jail, though, what of his rumored reunion with his former abuse victim Rihanna?

Chris told Rihanna that he absolutely 1000 percent didn't steal that phone, and Rihanna has told him she believes him, a source told Radar earlier this week. Rihanna has also told Chris that she will stand by him during the investigation, and whatever the future holds.