Rihanna has reportedly told French soccer star Karim Benzema that she still loves her former boyfriend Chris Brown. The news comes amid reports that the "Unfaithful" singer and Brown may be considering reconciliation after getting over their tumultuous relationship, which ended in 2013.

“Rihanna does like Karim and enjoys him a lot. He treats her well and he’s such a stud in everything he does,” a source told Hollywood Life. “She told him she won’t break his heart but did tell him she’ll always love Chris.” The 27-year-old singer reportedly disclosed her feelings about her Brown to Benzema after he got jealous seeing Rihanna’s “face light up” during Brown’s BET performance of “Post To Be” on Sunday.

“The look in her eyes, the way she gazed at Chris, was a look Karim’s never seen before,” the source told Hollywood Life. “He told Rihanna all this, and told her he doesn’t feel he can compete with Chris and that perhaps the two of them are better off as friends.

“Karim feels very insecure after seeing Rihanna's face light up as she danced and sang along to Chris' music,” the source reportedly said. “He didn’t even want her to attend the show.”

Brown reportedly signaled to Rihanna during his performance at the 2015 BET Awards at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles Sunday.

“When he saw her in her chair bouncing to ‘Post To Be,’ he wanted to go down there, grab her hand and bring her on stage to dance with him,” an insider had told Hollywood Life. “He wanted to so badly but couldn’t because he didn’t want to put her on the spot like that.” 

Benzema reportedly feels that he cannot compete with Brown as there is “just so much history and love between them that will forever connect them for the rest of their lives,” Hollywood Life quoted a source saying.

Since Brown’s relationship with Karrueche Tran ended after the latter discovered in March that the singer had a child with model Nia Guzman, rumors have circulated that Breezy and Rihanna might be thinking about giving their love another chance.

The “Four Five Seconds” singer defended Brown by calling his recent ex-girlfriend Tran “tacky and childish” for slamming him on social media. Rihanna, 27, supposedly didn’t think Tran was a good match for the “Loyal” singer and was happy that the two split up.

If Rihanna and Brown want to get back together, Tran isn’t worried about it.

"...Karrueche’s done scraping her plate and Rihanna’s free to have her leftovers and the headaches that come with it," a source told Hollywood Life in a different report.