Chris Evans recently greeted his “Captain America: Civil War” co-star Sebastian Stan on the latter’s birthday.

On his Twitter account, the actor shared a hilarious photo of himself with Stan. The actor joked about the snap being taken at the time when he helped Stan with his college essay. Stan, who plays the role of Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier, was holding a notebook with the words “All your wildest dreams will come true” handwritten on it.

This is not the first time that Evans greeted his Marvel Cinematic Universe co-stars on their birthdays. According to Entertainment Weekly, the actor posted a funny GIF earlier this week showing Hemsworth giving life to his character Thor. What made the GIF laugh-worthy was the fact that Hemsworth failed at catching Thor’s hammer aka Mjolnir. Evans also poked fun at Hemsworth for “messing up an otherwise flawless take.”

In other news, “Captain America” cast member Robert Downey Jr. welcomed Tom Hiddleston to Instagram earlier this week by sharing a photo of the 35-year-old actor wearing a tank top with the words “I heart T.S.” on it. Downey Jr. believes that T.S. stands for his character’s name Tony Stark and not Taylor Swift who happens to be Hiddleston’s girlfriend. By the looks of it, the cast members of the "Captain America" are fond of making fun of each other.

Immediately after Downey Jr.’s tribute, Hiddleston spoke with Entertainment Tonight to say that he has a very good relationship with his co-star. He added that Downey Jr. is very sweet. “It’s great. He’s very sweet,” he said.

Chris Evans
Chris Evans posted a funny greeting for Sebastian Stan on Twitter. Pictured: Chris Evans arrives at the European premiere of "Captain America, Civil War" at a shopping centre in east London, Britain April 26, 2016. Reuters/Toby Melville