Chris Pratt’s fiancé Katherine Schwarzenegger got personal about what life has been like with the actor since the two got engaged and how their wedding plans are going so far.

Since the couple announced their engagement in January, Schwarzenegger has been living the farm life with Pratt as she told E! News the farm feels like home to her. While the couple doesn’t live there full-time, it is quite comfortable for Schwarzenegger, who is a Pedigree ambassador and was captured in some farming moments by Pratt on Instagram.

“I still have a lot to learn when it comes to the lambs,” Schwarzenegger told Entertainment Tonight. “I already knew they were adorable but…just like getting to hold them is just an incredible experience and seeing them interact with their moms… dogs are the same way. Just being able to see (them) come into the world and be in such a happy and great environment is just really special.”

Schwarzenegger also opened up about the couple’s wedding plans, telling Entertainment Tonight, “I mean, I feel like we're all really involved in wedding planning. I think that for me my family is very involved. I'm very involved, (Chris is) very involved so it's a great combination of everything and just a really exciting and fun (time).

“I’m very happy in all areas of my life and I feel really blessed and really lucky,” she added.

This will be the second marriage for Pratt, who was married to Anna Faris for nine years and have a six-year-old son together named Jack. This is the first marriage for Schwarzenegger, who showed off her estimated $400,000 engagement ring on Instagram back in January.