• Chrissy Teigen shared on Twitter that she was once duped into buying a $13,000 bottle of wine
  • Some Twitter users labeled her post as tone-deaf as many are struggling financially amid the pandemic
  • Fans came to Teigen's defense, urging others to stop blaming her for other people's problems

Chrissy Teigen faced backlash over a "tone-deaf" tweet in which she appeared to complain about an expensive bottle of wine.

On Wednesday, Teigen took to Twitter and asked her followers about the "most expensive thing you've eaten that you thought sucked?" In a follow-up tweet, she shared her own disappointing experience that cost her over $10,000.

"one time john and I were at a restaurant and the waiter recommended a nice Cabernet. We got the bill and it was 13,000 dollars. HOW DO U CASUALLY RECOMMEND THAT WINE. we didn’t even finish it and it had been cleared!!!" Teigen wrote.

However, some Twitter users were not impressed with the Sports Illustrated model's tweet, accusing her of being insensitive by talking about paying $13,000 for wine when many cannot pay their bills after losing jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Did you recover? Meanwhile people are out here drowning in debt, losing their homes, and can’t afford to see a doctor," one person commented.

"It’s absurd to tweet complain about a 13k bottle of wine while people are out here dying over less. Read the room," another added.

"People are not going to relate to this," a third user wrote.

"This is how you know money isn’t real & capitalism is straight garbage. Y’all can accidentally buy a $13,000 bottle of wine but most Americans can’t afford a $300 emergency," another commented.

However, others defended John Legend's wife, pointing out that most already know that Teigen and her husband are rich and that the cookbook author clearly didn't mean to offend people.

"Chrissy Teigan is a celebrity is a clearly has financial resources beyond our wildest dreams. That’s not a secret. I would be more perturbed if she acted like she was poor when she’s clearly not. She just shared an experience she had, not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings," one fan replied to a critic.

"lol the thing is that this story wasn’t even about her being someone who buys expensive wine... it was more about how she was forced to buy expensive wine when she literally didn’t want to. Why are people pressed???" a second user wrote.

Another said that Teigen is not the problem but the income inequality is. One user also urged her critics to "stop shaming her for other people's problems."

Chrissy Teigen
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