Christie Brinkley's ex, Peter Cook, has quite a history when it comes to dating and being linked with younger women. What’s up with him this time? Cook was reportedly seen in the company of a young blond college student.

Cook, father of the 21-year-old Sailor Lee Brinkley Cook, and Alba Jancou, the young woman referred to in the circulating news, were reportedly spotted attending some high-profile events at the Hamptons over the summer.

Brinkley's ex and Jancou were at the party of Bobby Flay celebrating the chef’s Hamptons magazine cover back in July. In August, Cook and Jancou went to several events, including the East Hampton Library’s Authors Night and East Hampton Artists and Writers Charity Softball game, Page Six reported.

Brinkley's 60-year-old ex is reportedly known to give much preference with younger women. It isn’t just Jancou. In fact, the same news outlet reported Cook’s alleged involvement with Zoey Tess, also a college student and a hopeful singer.

There were reports indicating Cook’s attempts in making Tess stay for the night back in 2017. Cook’s offer was reportedly turned down by Tess. Brinkley's ex claimed that he was only offering a spare room for a friend in town.

Tracing the preceding events further back to 2014, the same publication also reported of a source allegedly claiming that Brinkley's ex took pictures of two young women in public. The source reportedly stated that Cook was in his convertible, driving, when he saw these women wearing hot summer outfits.

The said tipster claimed that right in the middle of the town, Brinkley's ex turned around and took pictures of them.

After Brinkley and Cook’s split which was reportedly because of cheating, the architect dated Suzanne Shaw. However, it wasn’t long before Brinkley’s ex got back to the game. Cook’s antics provoked Shaw to move out of the house and file for legal separation, New York Post reported back in 2014.

Fast forward to a couple of years later, Cook is —once again— linked to another young woman. While audiences’ curiosity for additional information regarding his new rumored flame heightens after the news went online, the information about her is scarce.

Jancou’s LinkedIn, whose page now can no longer be found, indicated that she’s currently on a gap year before going to Tulane University. The now-missing profile of Cook ’s rumored flame reportedly indicated that she went to Millfield, an English private boarding school in Somerset, England and she interned at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery during her Junior year.

There are no official statements yet coming from either Cook or Jancou.