Christmas Gifts 2014
As the dust settles on Christmas 2014, many of the best reactions of people opening gifts were recorded and posted online. Reuters

With Christmas behind us, many are left with the aftershocks of unwrapping those perfect new gifts from our loved ones. Each year, families across the country have the presence of mind to record people’s priceless reactions to receiving that little something that kicks their holiday from ordinary to extraordinary.

These are some of the best reactions to presents that people had in 2014.

The ‘Mortgage Payment’

This video was originally posted to Reddit and claims to show a son surprising his parents with the news that he’d paid off the mortgage on their house. The son is reportedly the inventor of the popular Videoshop app for the iPhone, which would help explain where he got the dough.

The ‘Ego Maniac

This video may start out ordinary, but this guy’s reaction to receiving a painting makes this gift exchange memorable. He shouts with uncontainable excitement as soon as he unwraps a picture of himself in the style of the famous Obama Hope” poster.

The ‘One Direction

Unsure whether anyone is unfamiliar with this phenomenon, but fans of the band One Direction can be pretty passionate. This little girl was so overwhelmed with excitement when her parents surprised her with tickets to one of the group’s concert that she burst into tears -- the kind of tears where it’s hard to tell if they’re happy or sad. She wasn’t the only one to freak out over some One Direction tickets this year, either, as reported by WGN-TV.

The ‘Money Is No Object

According to the YouTube description of the video, this man had been patiently saving his money for a PlayStation 4 for quite some time. Unfortunately, he had to spend the money elsewhere. While he was thinking a new gaming console was out of the question this year, his girlfriend or wife manages to give him the Christmas surprise of a lifetime.

The ‘Presence Is The Best Present

Why break the bank when you can just return home from fighting in Afghanistan? According to Entertainment Tonight, Patrick Conwell’s return home from service happened to coincide with his sister-in-law’s pregnancy. His parents thought they were gathering around to hear the sex of the child revealed, but instead were treated to a different surprise.

The ‘Sports Fan

According to, this dad is a notorious fan of Alabama football. That’s why his son knew exactly what to get him this year -- tickets to the Sugar Bowl. William Garrett Jr.’s reaction to the news that he’ll be attending the big game with his son is so powerful that it could bring even the most hardened football player to tears.

The Vacuum

Admittedly, this one is the strangest of the bunch. Sure, kids like weird things, but this boy’s reaction to receiving a new vacuum cleaner is larger than most people who open a new puppy or an Xbox One. According to the description on the YouTube page, the boy really really likes to vacuum ... Obviously.