Add some fun presents for your dog on your Christmas shopping list. REUTERS/Mariana Bazo

It might not take a lot to please your dog but that shouldn’t stop you from getting creative with their Christmas present this holiday season. From festive squeaky toys to fancy electric ball launchers, there are plenty of entertaining options out there that are sure to be a hit with your favorite pooch. Below are some of the most fun ideas:

Extra Tough Snowman/Gingerbread Man Squeaky Toys $14.99 from Amazon. These festive squeaky toys are not only entertaining but they’re also very durable, ensuring that your dog will have countless hours of romping ahead of him or her.

Hidden Treat Puzzle Game $11.99 from DogSupplies.com. This interactive game is actually modeled off of animal enrichment programs implemented in zoos around the world, according to the manufacturer. The spinning blocks contain treat chambers with scent holes designed to stimulate your dog’s natural foraging tendencies while the challenge of rotating the compartments engage their cognitive functions. Fun and enriching!

Jingle Bell Dog Collar $22 from Dog Collars Boutique. Made with expertly finished leather, this snowflake-embossed red dog collar is the perfect holiday accessory for your pup, allowing them to jingle all the way in style.

Bubble Machine With Bacon-Flavored Bubbles $26.95 from ActiveDogToys.com. As if popping bubbles wasn’t already fun enough for dogs, this bubble machine ups the ante by introducing bacon-flavored bubbles into the equation. The best part is that it’s entirely automatic so it will take you almost no effort to work your puppy into a delighted frenzy.

Holiday Rope Toy $2.99 from Entirely Pets. This budget-friendly option offers a festive take on a tried and tested recipe for entertaining pups. Great for playing fetch or just chewing, these braided ropes are also super durable and should withstand hours of play.

Jolly Dog Jacket $17.59 – $31.99 from Doggie Vogue. You may end up being more entertained by this adorable, Santa-style faux suede jacket than your dog. But the cozy, berber trim coat is also a great way for puppy to stay warm as he or she romps about in the cold weather.

Christmas Gum Chew Toy $1.99 from Doctors Foster and Smith. With an irresistible, ridged rubber texture, these candy cane and wreath-shaped chew toys are a fun and festive way for your dog to satisfy their urge to chew. The design of the toys also offers a great way to help your dog massage and clean their teeth.

IFetch Ball Launcher $99.95 from the iFetch online store. If you really want to spoil your puppy, you might consider getting them the iFetch automatic tennis ball launcher. The interactive toy is easily activated and throws balls at various distances, giving your dog the freedom to play fetch whenever they want to. “Thanks to the iFetch, now I don't have to exhaust my mommy and daddy playing non-stop fetch with me,” one happy customer wrote in a testimonial on the site. While the price is steeper than other gifts for dogs, it’s nonetheless a good investment for stir-crazy pups, especially after all of the holiday festivities come to an end.