A return home may mean more than just a lucrative business deal going through on the newest Lifetime Christmas movie, “Christmas Hotel,” starring Tatyana Ali and Sean Patrick Thomas.

Ali, best known by some for her role as Ashley Banks on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” is no stranger to Lifetime Christmas movies. She has starred in their prior films “Dear Secret Santa,” “Wrapped Up in Christmas” and “Jingle Belle,” and also starred in Hallmark’s 2018 Hall of Fame film “Christmas Everlasting.” As for her co-star, best known for his roles in “Save the Last Dance” and “Barbershop,” he is new to the Lifetime Christmas scene, but also has holiday credits to his name, including ION television’s “Rent-An-Elf" and TV One’s “Merry Ex-Mas.”

Tatyana Ali and Sean Patrick Thomas star in "Christmas Hotel." Lifetime

So what will happen in the first movie these two vets will star in together? According to a synopsis, quite a bit, actually.

“Go-getter Erin Roberts (Ali) works at the high-end Windsor Hotel in New York City, hoping to soon be promoted to manager of the luxury chain’s upcoming hotel in Rome,” the synopsis reads. “But things take an unexpected turn when her boss instead puts her in charge of opening up a brand-new Windsor Hotel in Erin’s hometown of Garland grove, a small mountain town that loves all things Christmas, all year round.”

However, an unexpected assignment in her hometown isn’t the only thing that will unexpectedly take Erin by surprise, because upon getting back home she quickly learns that the town is opposed to the more corporate hotel opening up there, and of all people to be going against her project, she will have to face-off against her childhood crush—Connor (Thomas). Of course, that doesn’t mean she won’t try to think of a creative way to appease the town (and Connor), and still keep her job.

“When Erin decides to make the new Windsor Hotel a year-round ‘Christmas Hotel’ to win over the town’s approval she turns to Connor for his knowledge in all things Christmas and the two work together to make Christmas Hotel a magical wonderland,” the synopsis continues.

In the end, Erin rediscovers her love for not only her hometown, but the man she left behind there as well.

“Soon Erin’s love for both Garland Grove and Christmas is reignited as her connection with Connor grows to new levels making her question everything she thought she wanted,” the synopsis concludes.

Will she figure out the best solution in the end?

“Christmas Hotel” airs Saturday at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime.