Radio City Music Hall will open its doors to the public on June 9th with the Cirque du Soleil spectacular, 'Zarkana.'

The production has reportedly cost $50 million, and was created specifically for the landmark theater. The show will run through September 4, and is scheduled to return each summer for the next few years.

The show will take the audience through a 'fantastical and suspenseful world where highly-acrobatic feats are heightened by original live music and interactive multimedia elements.'

'Zarkana' features a wheel of death, flying characters, gravity defying trapeze artists, and a snake carrying woman.

When 'Zarkana' opened its secret doors for its press conference, comments were flying around such as, It's completely different and amazing, this is a fantastic arena that they've chose here and this is just an awe inspiring setting, this is a very big production! And, It's for families, it's for anyone. This is something you'd expect in your wildest imagination, but this goes beyond it even.

The show is directed by the internationally acclaimed Francois Girard (The Red Violin, Silk). The music is composed by Nick Littlemore, who has worked with Elton John and Robbie Williams.

Girard says that the show is an acrobatic rock opera about Zark, a musician who is looking for his girl, who is gone, and with her are his powers.

The visual of what we've created is at the height of what Cirque du Soleil and everybody else is expecting, says Girard.

The show will open for preview on June 9, and will officially open tp the public on June 29th.