Clash Of Clans ’ next update was originally planned for sneak peeks, but an official forum thread confirms the longstanding patch tradition won’t be in play this time around. Might its release be sooner than we think?

The news arrived Thursday evening in an update to Supercell’s megathread on the subject. Under the sneak peek heading, it now reads that “it is very likely that we will NOT be seeing sneak peeks for this update - hence the change of update status to radar.” Per this week’s Shipwreck teaser, it’s also been added that the patch will feature “a boat that needs repairing.” The release estimate for the content is listed as “not this week.”

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As for what this shift in promotion means for the update’s development, we’re not entirely sure. The most optimistic theories suggest that progressively releasing sneak peeks would only slow down the launch of something that’s basically ready to go. In other words, instead of wading through days of previews, maybe the whole thing will simply go live on Tuesday. It’s also possible Supercell wants to preserve the surprise factor of something that’s been advertised as the biggest and most-different adjustment Clash Of Clans has ever seen.

On the negative side, a game developer refusing to show content can sometimes be read as a warning sign too. Might the patch be too unstable to be fit for previews? Is there something Supercell is trying to hide? We’re somewhat doubtful about that, but, given the backlash that ensued over Town Hall 11, it’s not out of the question.

When that update released at the end of 2015, players had to deal with several frustrating features that weren’t properly implemented. Personal Break timers blocked fans from playing the game, and loot became insanely hard to collect. In the months to follow, Supercell was forced to profusely apologize for each shortcoming while introducing totally new mechanics to address them.

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As discussed earlier this week, Supercell has confirmed that the update will not feature a new Town Hall level, upgraded walls or Hero changes. What it’s believed to contain, however, is a long-known Shipwreck concept that enables multi-Village support for the first time. It’s also been suggested that some sort of high-speed Night Mode will be added to the game as well. In short, Clash Of Clans players could have a lot more content to manage in brand new ways over the next few days.

Clash Of Clans is available now on Android and iOS.

What do you hope to see from Clash Of Clans’ next update? Is the lack of sneak peeks exciting or worrisome? Tell us in the comments section!