Clash Of Clans ’ next big update is just around the corner, and Supercell has released a teaser trailer to hype its arrival. Following Tuesday’s leak from Japan, the English version of the clip offers further confirmation of the long-rumored Shipwreck feature.

For those who watched the teaser leak a few hours ago, the translations we posted were pretty much exactly accurate. A Barbarian, Hog Rider and Wizard muse about what’s on the other side of the ocean and attempt to find ways to get across it. The Pig, who doesn’t appear interested in the conversation, has much bigger plans. Off screen, he finds a large boat and pilots it to pick up his friends. The major tease about the forthcoming update is that we’ll use the ship to “discover what lies beyond our shores.”

As stated in previous articles, leaks from China suggest the Shipwreck feature may be used as a means of multi-Village support. With it, players can theoretically manage multiple settlements at once. This is a task that wasn’t exactly easy to accomplish in prior versions of the game. There’s also been discussion about some sort of high-speed Night Mode that could change how one plays the game. As with any translated leak, however, the concepts mentioned here should be taken with a grain of salt. They may differ slightly or entirely from what gets released over the next few weeks.

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Regardless, this teaser has arrived during what we originally anticipated to be a fairly quiet week for the Clash Of Clans team. In a recent forum thread, developers said the update is still being polished and won’t be ready for sneak peeks until next week at the very earliest. We suppose while all that refining is being done, this teaser serves as a way to keep the hype train rolling.

For those deep in the Clash Of Clans community, however, the anticipation for this particular patch has been looming rather large. Not only is it the first non-balance update of 2017, but it’s also been advertised by Supercell as a content drop that’s big and totally different from anything fans have ever seen. With that kind of lead in, it’s hard not to be excited.

There’s a lot for Supercell to be careful about when implementing sweeping changes to such a popular gameplay formula, though. When the Town Hall 11 update released in 2015, players panned the studio to such a degree that major tweaks had to be made for several months before any modicum of stability could be reached. Knowing how passionate and critical its player base can be, Supercell has definitely been working more methodically to ensure these adjustments will function perfectly from day one. It will be interesting to see how readily accepted this forthcoming content will be.

Clash Of Clans is available now on Android and iOS. Given this global promotion, we’d expect the update to be live by the end of May.

What would you like to see from Clash Of Clans’ next update? Did this teaser do enough to get you hyped? Tell us in the comments section!