As the pandemic seems to stretch itself through to the end of 2020, it is time to consider doing your gym workouts at home. Not only will you lower your chances of getting COVID-19, but you’ll have total control over your exercises as well. If you think you can't do this without your gym instructor, think again! There are different platforms to help guide everyone -- whatever your fitness level may be.

1. Resistance Bands

bands Tone your muscles even if you're at home Photo:

If you’re the type who’s familiar with how workouts go and just need good equipment to accompany you at home, then there’s a good chance Stroops can help you out! It offers a wide variety of products like resistance bands, anchors and accessories to help you build the right set-up.

Resistance bands are a big help to achieve your fitness goals. Its benefits include improving control, toning different muscle groups and can be a great substitute to expensive and heavy gym equipment.

If you want to experience fresh workouts monthly and maximize the use of your Stroops equipment, they also offer a subscription plan to their Training Room. With this, you’ll have access to their workouts utilizing their different kits -- VITL, Son of the Beast Pro and Fit Stik Pro.

Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, dropping by Stroops’ website will surely be worth your time!

2. Yoga Goodies

yoga Yoga is a great activity to do while at home. Photo: Li Sun / Pexels

You may think that gym-quality equipment is a must to properly exercise at home. That’s the common mistake for many. Bodyweight exercises are as effective as when you are using different weight machines. There are different ways on how you can tackle bodyweight exercises. Some go to the ever-reliable ones like push-ups, sit-ups and squats. But have you ever considered doing yoga?

With yoga, you’ll be in positions and orientation where your muscles would need to support it -- ultimately having the effect of “lifting weights.” For those who have been practicing this discipline for quite some time, it might look easy in a stranger’s eye. But, mind you, it is as much effort as your regular workouts. After each session, you’ll be sore and refreshed at the same time!

Wai Lana Yoga makes learning yoga easy and accessible to everyone. The site offers a vast collection of yoga DVDs to kick off your journey. They even have videos designed for kids -- perfect if you want them to start young. The Yoga for Everyone DVD set is one of the most popular in its line of offerings -- so check it out if you’re eager to try Yoga or want a different take to your daily practice of this amazing discipline.

Not only do they have instructionals, but they also offer yoga essentials like mats, bags and other eco-friendly yoga gear to really get you going and enjoying yoga today! 

3. Your Own Personal Coach

Auro Auro Fit's website Photo:

Having a personal trainer really motivates you to achieve your fitness goals. And Auro understands this fully!

It provides hundreds of home and outdoor workouts guided by experts and trainers of HIIT, outdoor running, meditation and more! They believe that high-quality exercises should be available to everyone. What’s more, they have a structured training plan for all their members so it won’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced one -- everyone’s welcome!

They have a multitude of trainers who are international athletes, running coaches, professional footballers, spin instructors and so much more! You’ll be in good hands as you sweat, run and lift your way to achieving your fitness goals. They have a free 14-day trial so you’ll have a glimpse of what they offer. And from there, they’ll be sure you’ll want more!