• A 37-year-old unnamed man was attacked by a shark in Southern California
  • In a statement released by the US Coast Guards, the surfer was near Santa Rosa Island
  • The surfer’s friend was on board a nearby boat when the attack happened

A 37-year-old unnamed man is lucky to be alive after encountering a shark that attacked him while surfing off the coast of Southern California.

Officials said the surfer was very lucky to have survived, considering the danger of the situation.

According to a statement released by the US Coast Guards, the surfer was near Santa Rosa Island, which is part of the Channel Islands, when the incident occurred. The attack happened around 3:15 pm.

The shark bit the surfer on the leg. Fortunately, he was with a friend who helped him moments after the attack.

In the situation, the surfer’s friend was handy with a first-aid tourniquet on the injured leg of the surfer before making the call to the coast guards for immediate assistance.

The surfer’s friend was on board a nearby boat when the terrifying attack happened.

Help arrived an hour later as the man was rescued by the coast guard crew piloting the MH-65 Dolphin helicopter.

The US Coast Guard Los Angeles crew airlifted the surfer and rushed him to the Santa Barbara airport, where he received medical care.

By Saturday evening, there was a report the surfer, though injured, was in stable condition.

The Coast Guard command duty officer for Long Beach, Lt. Benjamin McIntyre-Coble, said that in a shark attack situation such as this, the best outcome had been achieved as the surfer was rescued and is now recovering.

He said that the surfer would be able to rejoin his family soon as expected. He also stated the surfer would make a speedy recovery and that everyone involved in the rescue operation was thrilled.

Social media mentions concerning the attack were a mixture of responses. Some claimed the shark was not to blame while the rest were well-wishers hoping the surfer a quick recovery.

Lt. Benjamin said that the surfer was lucky to have a friend close by who remained calm and was able to tell the coast guard the coordinates of where they were.

There is a video online that shows the moment the coast guards were rescuing the surfer.

In the video posted by the US Coast Guard Los Angeles rescue team, the surfer is being hoisted up with a white tourniquet on his right leg.

The surfer, in a full-body wet suit, was being carried on the rescue basket into the helicopter.

The species of shark that bit the surfer has not been identified.

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