A woman was taken aback after she found a snake resting in a washing machine. The incident took place at a home in the southern Indian state of Karnataka on Friday.

The unidentified woman stuffed clothes in the machine and proceeded to complete other household chores. On realizing that she had left the machine’s door open, the woman went back only to find the cobra resting inside it.

The woman immediately called and informed her husband, Stanley Paul, about it. When Paul came home, he saw the reptile sleeping just above the washing arena. He then noticed his wife and son shivering with fear.

Paul immediately called a snake rescuer who rushed to the home and rescued the reptile from the machine. Speaking to local media, the rescuer said snakes slither into homes when the doors are left open. He added that snakes make secluded areas with shrubs and weeds their habitat. He also said the cobra he rescued from the machine was about two years old.

In a similar incident in the state in June, a man noticed a cobra in the toilet while brushing his teeth. Pramod Kumar entered the bathroom and noticed the reptile at the bottom of the bowl. He immediately alerted the wildlife volunteers, who rushed to the scene and rescued the reptile. A video of the rescue showed a volunteer pulling out the cobra from the toilet using his bare hand. The reptile was finally fished out after 30 minutes. It was put in a bag and released in a nearby forest.

King Cobra
A king cobra is displayed to the public at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm in Bristol, England, Aug. 2, 2016. Getty Images