A python was found nestled under a boat in Florida’s Cape Coral on Sunday.

The incident came to light after a woman saw the snake, a ball python, on the boat lift while boating in a canal. The snake was rescued within an hour and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) biologist Dan Quinn said the reptile could be an escaped or a released pet as it was well-fed.

“Something like ball pythons which are nonnative relatively large snakes they get up to 5 ft in length. We want to make sure that they don't become established because then they will start eating a lot of our native species,” Quinn said.

Recalling the incident, Fricchione, the owner of the boat, said, "He could have been inside the boat which was very concerning. Being outside the boat is one thing. Being inside the boat is a big headache. Especially if you have people aboard and they'll be jumping out to save themselves so that could be a nightmare in itself.”

He added that he was happy that the reptile had slithered away.

“Evidently he's just lounging around and having a good time, but like I said he's not paying rent and he shouldn't be there,” said Fricchione.

The incident comes days after a ball python was captured near downtown Orlando, Florida. Bob Cross, a snake expert, captured the four-feet reptile after a lawn care worker discovered it slithering in the grass.

"Of course she freaked out on the phone, and she went online, onto Facebook and started putting out feelers for anyone, if they lost a snake. They didn't know what kind of snake at the time. With me, I just reach down and pick them up. There's no process, I just pick them up,” Cross said.

This is a representational image showing a woma python from Australia during the annual animal inventory at Zoo Berlin zoo in Berlin, Dec. 12, 2012. Getty Images/Sean Gallup