• Cody Simpson is Prince Neptune
  • "Prince Neptune" depicts the young life of Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend
  • The book’s theme is about life, fame, love, environmentalism and escapism
  • "Prince Neptune: Poetry and Prose" will be released on April 7, 2020

Cody Simpson embodies the qualities of being an artist. Apart from singing, songwriting and modeling, Simpson is also a writer. In fact, Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend is about to drop “Prince Neptune: Poetry and Prose” on April 2020.

What is “Prince Neptune?” Penned by Simpson, the book presents poems and prose about life, fame, love, environmentalism and escapism. Amazon described Simpson’s poetry as an art which “combines the themes of freedom and the ocean with the wisdom of an old soul.”

Just recently, Cyrus’ boyfriend uploaded a snap of himself having a cup of coffee while proof-reading his collection, in the official Instagram account of “Prince Neptune.” About a month ago, Simpson uploaded a video clip on the same Instagram account of him reading a sample of his masterpiece.

Simpson, on his cowboy attire, sat on an outdoor living room, holding a book. He began reading the first few words, which says “I intend to drift into my subconscious like a bird in flight.”

“Calmly unaware of the task at hand, the journey from womb to tomb as subtle as the passing wind,” he continued.

“Dear God just don’t let me die on a motorcycle or drown beneath the pulsing swells,” he added.

He’s poetry reading ended with “I wish myself well to fade peacefully at one hundred and eight with a sense of humor and a mind drained dry.”

On Simpson’s Feb. 22 tweet, Cyrus’ boyfriend described “Prince Neptune as his notebook. According to the tweet, his quest (referring to the book) began back when he was 18 and living in Venice Beach where he recorded his poems, visions and thoughts. Now, the Australian artist is 23 and the pages of his notebook are filled.

The paperback format of Simpson’s “Price Neptune” is bound for release on April 7, 2020 but fans may pre-order the book now at Amazon for $16.99.

Simpson does not only do art, he’s also a supporter of the United Nations and advocate for the environment.

Simpson in deed, is a man of many talents; however, he also gained the spotlight for controversy especially when he started dating Cyrus. Their love story reportedly began after Cyrus abruptly ended her relationship with Kaitlynn Carter and amid the divorce proceedings from now ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth.

One may think that the Cyrus and Simpson are quite a recipe for disaster but the former Disney star’s rebellious nature had finally met her match.