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A Columbian man's face is reportedly rotting after a blotched face surgery by a fake doctor. In this photo, Howard Sobel, attending dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, demonstrates how botox or other anti-wrinkle medicines are applied via syringe to a patient at his office in New York City March 22, 2013. Reuters

A Colombian man, Jerson Trujillo, 28, is left with a heavily disfigured face after a face surgery by a fake doctor four years ago, reports said.

It is not unknown whether the fake doctor who had performed the surgery has been traced or prosecuted.

Trujillo had gone for the surgery as he wanted to look like a woman, but instead was left with a "rotten" face.

Speaking for the first time since the surgery, he told local reporters: "Naively, I was not aware of what they had put in my body," the Daily Mail reported.

Speaking about the condition of his face following the surgery, Trujillo said that his face was destroyed, rotten and pus had come out. He said his face had become "red" and "hot" after being injected with a "mysterious" liquid.

The doctor who had performed the procedure had told Trujillo that she would inject some substance into his cheekbones that would make his cheeks look plumper, the Daily Mail reported citing local reports.

Things were reportedly under control till a week later when Trujillo went for a moisturizing treatment and the moisturizer reacted negatively with the substance which had been injected into his cheeks.

Three months after the moisturizing treatment, the Colombian man's face started breaking out in granulomas wherein groupings of immune cells started gathering to wall off a foreign substance in the body that cannot be eliminated.

Since the botched surgery, he has undergone four operations to rebuild his face and a further two more procedures are scheduled.

In August, a woman in her 40s, died in Cali, Colombia, three days after getting a plastic surgery done. She had apparently undergone breast implants, liposuction and reshaping of her buttocks, all on the same day.

After her death, local authorities announced that they were starting an investigation into the matter and would check whether the concerned clinic was equipped to carry out such procedures. The woman was the eighth person to die in Cali due to plastic surgery in 2017, a report said.

In December last year, a woman traveled from Georgia to her native place in Colombia to get liposuction on her belly. When the woman arrived at the recommended surgeon's clinic, the doctor also convinced her to get surgery done on her breasts for a "bargain" price of $5,000 for both procedures, the husband said, according to the Daily Mail.

The woman had reportedly said that she was scared before going for the five-hour operation. When she woke up from the anesthetic, she had a cardiac arrest and died soon after.

After the wife's death, her husband cautioned women traveling to South America for cheap cosmetic surgery, according to WSB-TV, an ABC-affiliate.

In 2016, 30 people died in Colombia after getting plastic surgeries done. The rising popularity of these procedures have given way to an unsafe industry in Colombia in which unqualified doctors and underground establishments are seen, France 24 reported.