A couple sleeping on a campground in Colorado Springs woke up to a bear pouncing on their tent.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife stated that the couple was staying at the Golden Eagle Campground off Colorado Highway 115. Around 1.30 a.m. on Monday, the couple woke up to the sound of something moving around their campsite. Soon, the animal knocked clean plates and cooking stove off the table. The bear stood on its two legs, placing its paws on the tent. The tent soon collapsed.

The animal then started huffing at the couple following the commotion. The couple screamed and tried to scare away the animal by turning on their car’s alarm. Nobody was injured in the incident.

CPW believes that a small brown-colored bear that was seen around the campground a few days back must be involved in the incident

“By the descriptions of the bear and by studying its footprints, it appears to be a juvenile bear. Its behavior sounds more as if it was just curious rather than aggressive. There were no food attractants at the campsite. I think it was just a curious young bear,” CPW Officer Aaron Berscheid said.

The officials have set a trap to catch the animal, however, if caught, the animal will not be put down as it was not aggressive toward the couple.

The incident comes less than a month after a bear viciously attacked a pet dog in Michigan. Heather Willobee let her pet dog outside and when she called out its name, she noticed a “300-pound black bear” behind the canine. The dog managed to get into the home and immediately collapsed.

In the meantime, the owner managed to scare away the bear. As the woman proceeded to her truck to take her pet to the vet, she was shocked to see the bear standing 10 feet away watching. The woman managed to drive her dog to the vet. It underwent emergency surgery. The canine returned home two days later but could not even stand. The family believed the canine “may never run again due to the extensive damage on her shoulder.”

Brown Bear
A brown bear looks out from a cage in the Carpathian National Nature Park, some 700 km from Ukrainian capital of Kiev, Ukraine, Feb. 1, 2013. Getty Images/Olexander Zobin